About the HTS brand

Our brand promise is the sum of who we are, what we believe in and the reason we exist. It is what we strive to deliver every day within our company and to our customers.

Building blocks of our brand

We have identified four strategic areas as the building blocks of our brand promise and position. Being in the forefront with each of them is what makes us unique today and will so in the future.


We are continuously refining our existing technologies as well as developing new ones. This is essential for pushing the boundaries of thermally managed components development further.


Using a combination of cutting edge technologies we make products with superior performance.


We thoroughly understand the applications, processes and challenges of our customers. Based on that, we create relevant solutions.


We take great care of transport and logistics, so our products are delivered on time. Using our deep applicative knowledge, we offer technical support where required. We are there when you need us.


We have designed the HTS brand architecture to explain our unique position, and to be as clear as possible to our business partners and colleagues.


HTS Technology Group is our corporate brand, representing a unique vertically integrated business based on advanced manufacturing technologies and intensive R&D. The essence of our integration is that we bring together the know-how and experience of in-house production processes, from cutting the steel to machining, heat treatment to advanced additive manufacturing processes.

All companies of HTS Technology Group use HTS logo as a part of their name, displaying our commitment to the highest technology and manufacturing standards across the complete value chain.


iTherm® brand stands for ultimate productivity solutions, based on principles of conformal cooling. iTherm® components are made using different additive manufacturing technologies, among which also MFT, our proprietary metal fusion technology.

iTherm® is not only a brand but also a promise, a promise of superior thermal management possibilities and unrivalled component performance.

iTherm® products are used in industries where effective thermal management of components is essential for productivity and quality. Below is an overview of iTherm® product range.

iTherm® conformal design components are used in environments where effective thermal management determines productivity. Conformal design can also be applied for material flow optimization. These are some examples of iTherm® components used in high-pressure die casting and injection moulding industries.


innoSleeve brand manifests our commitment to reducing the CO2 footprint generated during the shot sleeve production process.

As the name indicates, this is an innovative product that pushes the environmental and cost efficiencies of regular sleeves to a higher level. In contrast with other HTS product brands, innoSleeve sign is coloured green, additionally emphasizing its orientation towards a more sustainable future for our industry.

By implementing innoSleeve in their foundries, our customers also signal their commitment to, and support of, a more sustainable supply chain.


The brand Plunger by HTS has been introduced to consolidate our extensive range of plungers, which is recognized as the most comprehensive in the industry. Plunger by HTS brings together three distinct sub-brands: Plunger Conducta, Plunger Endura, and Plunger Performa. Each sub-brand offers innovative plungers designed to cater to a diverse array of applications, showcasing cutting-edge technology and superior performance.

By unifying our plunger range under the Plunger by HTS brand, we reaffirm our commitment to providing customers with the highest-quality solutions that meet their diverse needs. Whether it's precision, durability, or performance, Plunger by HTS offers a comprehensive range of plungers that deliver unmatched reliability and efficiency in the most demanding applications.


Daugther company brands are kept in the architecture during the transition period due to their existing identity on the market. In years to come, all daughter company brands will merge into the corporate brand.


All products and services that don’t have a dedicated product brand to identify with; such as machined plates or extrusion dies, are using product descriptions and the HTS logotype to establish a clear visual link to HTS Technology Group.

The HTS brand position

“HTS technology group’s innovative products and services bring competitive advantage through productivity IMPROVEMENT”