3x longer lifetime with Performa Plunger


longer lifetime

Background information

A single-body Performa Plunger with an innovative Internal Cooling System presents an optimum solution for the reduction of cycle time in HPDC and improved in-service life.

iThermĀ® system provides the highest cooling effectiveness while improving: productivity, cast part quality, and plunger durability.

This tip is a critical component of the shot end for HPDC, where other cooling solutions on the market involve complicated multi-piece assemblies and often Beryllium-Copper (BeCu) alloys.

The HTS iPerforma plunger is a single-piece tip made of hardened tool steel, with a tempered steel ring providing a wear point to extend the service life of both the shot tip and the shot sleeve.

Improvements with Performa Plunger

Substantially longer lifetime

For an average size shot tip (~100mm in diameter), a BeCu tip can be expected to last 4,000-7,000 shots. A Performa plunger of the same size can be expected to last 50,000-80,000+ shots, with the rings lasting 20,000-30,000 shots.

Shown below, a Performa plunger, still in operation after 91,000 shots and 3x ring changes (every 30,000 shots).


Cycle time reduction

It has been known for a long time that steel plungers last much longer than BeCu plungers, but many still use BeCu to improve the cooling capacity near the biscuit.

With Performa Plungers, the conformal cooling of the steel allows the heat removal rate to exceed that of BeCu plungers. This means that die casters finally have a solution that allows for a maximum component lifetime and maximum cooling power.

On average, die casters that implement a Performa Plunger save 7-15% of cycle time on systems limited by biscuit cooling. Further cycle time reductions can be achieved by implementing conformal cooling on shot blocks and die cores or cavities.


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