CASE STUDY: Performa Plunger and innoSleeve at Eurocast

GMD Eurocast is a large die caster located in multiple locations in France, featuring several 2700 t machines. After a prospecting visit, it became clear that Eurocast wanted to find an alternative to their copper plungers.


Plunger lifespan increase

The trial

Eurocast was using standard copper plungers on their 2700-ton machine, using AS9U3 alloy for casting.

A combination of Performa Plunger and HTS innoSleeve with innoSleeve insert was proposed, which Eurocast accepted as a trial.
In this case study, we will examine the trial, which lasted about 8 months.

During the trial, HTS provided not only the components but also 

- on-site technical support, 
- delivery,
- installation supervision, and 
- release support.


Before the trial implementation of the Performa plunger with shot sleeve, Eurocast was using standard copper plungers on their 2700-ton machine, using AS9U3 alloy for casting.

The average lifetime of copper plungers that Eurocast was using before was 9.000 shots, which lasted for about three weeks. This means that on average, they used 17.3 copper plungers per year on one machine.

The Performa plunger, in combination with innoSleeve insert had a lifespan of 100.030 shots (91% lifespan increase).

About five plunger rings are used in one Performa plunger's lifespan. 

ring performance

Five rings were changed on the Performa plunger during use.

The first ring was used merely to try it out and optimise the machine. The later four rings were used rigorously, reaching the number of shots as presented in the table. 

Components at shot count

The Performa plunger or the innoSleeve insert have no signs of critical wear, no welding was used to repair them during their operation.


In total, 100.030 shots were made with the Performa Plunger, which concluded the end of the trial.
The average lifetime of the rings is 20.000 shots. The components performed without problems.
It was concluded that a 91% increase in plunger lifetime was reached.

integral insert

In combination with the Performa plunger, the HTS innoSleeve with an Integral insert was also used. The innoSleeve insert is a type of protective sleeve that sits in the inner diameter of the shot sleeve, protecting the insides of the sleeve. This allows only for the innoSleeve insert to be replaced instead of the innoSleeve shot sleeve.

You can read more about innoSleeve insert here

The innoSleeve Insert used for the study was still in operation 9 months after the initial installation and was in operation for 110.000 shots, still in good condition:


Graphite oil is used, the same quantity as before with copper plungers, which is 3,5 grams per shot.