7 Jun 2023

We are launching a CO2 reduction initiative

As of 01.07.2023, we, at HTS are committing to the production of die-casting shot sleeves that generate up to 70% less CO2. We have decided on this important, sustainable future-oriented step, as the first shot sleeve producer in the industry. This way we are supporting our die-casting customers’ efforts to decrease their environmental footprint. To mark this significant decision, we are launching a new brand, called innoSleeve. InnoSleeve stands for the innovative shot sleeve which, based on its design and usage logic, requires less steel and machining, thus generating less CO2. Such an innovative solution is also up to 40% more cost-efficient than conventional shot sleeves; a WIN-WIN solution.


innoSleeve is a result of hard work and dedication displayed by our engineers, product managers, technical sales managers and customers, that drove the development of this, highly relevant innovation of what is traditionally considered a regular standardized component. By replacing an insert, which is lighter, requires less steel and machining, instead of the whole shot sleeve, we can generate a substantial decrease in steel consumed during production. Using innoSleeve, our customers also save on sleeve costs, as the inserts are purchased at lower prices than complete shot sleeves.

innoSleeve as a product is based on the logic, that replacing the complete shot sleeve is wasteful in terms of resources as well as finances. Instead of this, only the inside part of the sleeve, called the integral insert, is replaced. Such logic also brings numerous operational benefits, such as cost reduction, longer lifespan and quicker replacements. You can read more about innoSleeve here

innoSleeve BY HTS

innoSleeve BY HTS

innoSleeve introduction also signals a beginning of a CO2 reduction initiative that HTS will launch in the summer months of 2023. Our aim is to unite the efforts of all die-casting companies who use innoSleeve into a joint project, through which concrete environmentally oriented activities will be carried out.

Stay tuned for more exciting news.