19 Sep 2022

Our new Online Simulation Tool

If you are looking to buy one of our iTherm components and you are wondering how much you could save in cycle time, we have created a tool that could help you envision an upgraded system.

Our Online Numerical Simulation tool lets you compare head to head a completely conventional Die Casting system versus a conformal cooled iTherm DC system, and everything in between. The Online Simulation tool lets you configure a wide range of paramaters for your next Die Casting system upgrade, and calculates the savings in cycle time, biscuit solidification, previews a case-specific thermal image animation, and much more.

Get your personalised report on your specific Die Casting system upgrade that you are looking to do with us with our new online configurator easily.


The workings of the configurator

Entry screen

In the entry screen, the user is presented with explanations of our offer of components in the Die Casting set, along with a preview of the different stages of the configurator.

1. Define your current system

In this first phase of configuration, you define your current configuration and process paramaters.

2. Numerical simulation

In the second phase, you get to see how your configuration is performing thermally, with a preview of a MAGMA simulation. You are presented with a calculation of the improvement potential for your current Die Casting system, should you upgrade completely to the recommended HTS configuration.

3. Optimized system

In this phase, you get to see the your current system assembly comparing head to head with a fully optimised, recommended HTS Die Casting system.

4. Generate report

The final step is to generate your personalised optimisaiton report, which gets sent to your e-mail address.


Are you ready for your first simulation?