DCTM System

DCTM is HTS developed cloud-based system used to monitor in-service operation and performance of die-casting injection systems and tooling components, with the objective of further productivity optimization.

The design of iTherm® DCTM system is optimized to assist implementation, monitoring and analysis of the operational success of HTS IC iTherm® components.



Based on MFT™ and DED technologies we produce components with conformal cooling / flow design and mechanical properties of a forged tool steel block.


iTherm® components have a big impact on cooling and material flow, resulting in shorter cycle times, higher cast/moulded part quality and subsequentially also productivity.


Years of experience and R&D of HTS Group companies, combined with leading OEM customer partnerships gives us knowledge and capacity to help you improve your productivity.

How DCTM works

DCTM is a cloud-based system that provides access to process information from anywhere at any time. Its modular architecture allows in-service temperature measurement of injection and tooling components. The data are and wirelessly transmitted to the in-plant central unit. Up to ten field units connect to one central unit, which is then in real-time transmits the data to a Cloud-Based data-management platform. The field unit is designed to withstand severe operating conditions and can be installed directly on HPDC injection system, tooling, thus highest thermally loaded components.

The client connects to the Cloud-based platform for online monitoring of his production units, instant warning messaging of possible irregular operation, reviewing historical data and preparing data analysis, statistics, and reports. The system allows in-shop data log for team collaboration and continuous improvement of process performance, reduction of operational costs, preventive maintenance scheduling, spare part ordering, etc.

  • Real-time production monitoring and analysis of historical process data (check production performance online at any time)

  • Receiving operational warnings (the system is analysing process data in real-time and sends warning messages when the operation is irregular)

  • Online process information for team collaboration (operational log of production events for process understanding and improvement)

  • Access data for analysis and future production reference (Cloud historic process data storage)

  • Remote access (Cloud Based data-management platform, with simple web browser access)

  • Modular architecture (connecting you real-time to in-service severe-environment process)

Advantages of DCTM system

Remote monitoring of die-casting process stability and performance

Automatic alert messaging of irregular operation for direct prevention of operational issues, machine breakdown and related costs;

Historic process data analysis for continuous improvement of the die-casting process:

  • improve process stability,

  • decrease cycle time and improve equipment effectiveness and productivity,

  • reduce unscheduled machine downtime,

  • improve maintenance programing,

  • understand the cause for injection system component and tooling failure, thus improve control over production costs,

  • reduce overall production costs.

We have a patented solution to prolong sleeve lifetime by up to 55%, at a lower cost than the conventional sleeve


Our innovative rod spray lubrication system which lubricates the sleeve across the whole length will prolong the sleeve and plunger lifetime


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