Dedicated Expert Onsite Support

Consider HTS an integral part of your team, providing dedicated, expert onsite support and collaboration throughout the entire lifespan of your project.

At HTS, we offer more than just products; we ensure you receive comprehensive support and guidance to maximize both the performance of our products and your production performance through each phase of the project, starting before your purchase. 


Our collaboration begins even before you receive the component.

Upon reviewing your technical specifications, our engineering team designs the optimal solution tailored to your processes, objectives, and budget. We thoroughly analyze your existing setup and processes, employing advanced simulation tools to ensure precision and efficiency from the outset.

The pre-installation phase includes

  1. Technical Specifications: 
  2. Concept Design: Crafting initial models tailored to your specifications.
  3. Simulations: Utilizing state-of-the-art tools to predict outcomes and refine designs.
  4. Production: Turning designs into reality with precision manufacturing.


Once the component is installed, we closely monitor its performance to ensure maximum efficiency. 

The testing phase involves:

  • Designing Test Protocols - Establishing comprehensive testing procedures.
  • Performing Functional Testing - Assessing the component's operational performance.
  • Analyzing Performance Data - Evaluating results to ensure optimal functioning.
  • Identifying Improvement Areas - Pinpointing potential enhancements.
  • Collaboration - with your Development Teams.
  • Documenting Test Results - Maintaining detailed records of tests and outcomes.


We provide ongoing support during the usage of the plunger.

With regular, comprehensive inspections and detailed reporting, we help maintain the high performance of your plungers. 

Regular proactive and preventive Inspections include: 

  • Periodic on-site evaluations of the plunger's condition, accompanied by detailed reports and case studies to prevent costly interruptions.
  • Thermal imaging and analysis: Utilizing advanced diagnostics to identify and resolve issues.
  • Inspections and reports: Examination of the deformations and wear, analyzing root causes of issues, and suggesting corrective actions and optimization strategies like adjustments in position, oil quantity, and cleaning procedures.
  • Recommendations: Delivering comparative imagery, installation reports, and thorough analyses to fine-tune settings and reach optimal performance.

HTS's engineering support services are designed to empower your team, streamline your processes, and elevate your production efficiency. We don't address only the specific plunger-related issues but also aim to provide insights into potential broader die-casting process issues our customers may have. 

Part of this support is our Plunger Process Optimization Training created to enhance the knowledge and skills of our clients in using plungers effectively. 


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