innoSleeve Insert

innoSleeve Insert/Liner is a special component used to protect the innoSleeve across the complete diameter and length.

It is a single-body component produced using our specially developed wear-resistant alloy.

It is easily inserted and replaced in the sleeve with our custom-made tool.

It is highly customizable to specific customer requirements.

In the majority of cases, the existing conventional shot sleeves can be transformed into innoSleeve to accommodate the integral insert. The transformation does not influence the outer diameter of the sleeve.



Based on MFT™ and DED technologies we produce components with conformal cooling / flow design and mechanical properties of a forged tool steel block.


iTherm® components have a big impact on cooling and material flow, resulting in shorter cycle times, higher cast/moulded part quality and subsequentially also productivity.


Years of experience and R&D of HTS Group companies, combined with leading OEM customer partnerships gives us knowledge and capacity to help you improve your productivity.


After the innoSleeve is bored to form an envelope, a special integral insert/liner that covers the complete length of the innoSleeve gets inserted into the envelope

This way innoSleeve envelope never comes into direct contact with molten alloy, so sleeve replacements are completely avoided. Insert/liner is the only component that needs to be replaced

Insert/liner gets replaced very quickly. In the case of smaller machines, it can be done directly on the machine, while in the case of larger ones, there is a special replacement tool we provide.

When using the innoSleeve, the cost of the envelope occurs only at the start of implementation, while for each next replacement only the integral Insert/liner is purchased.

As seen on the image below, the difference in usage compared to conventional shot sleeves is that with innoSleeve the cost of the envelope occurs only once, at the implementation and after that, for each replacement, only the itegral insert/liner needs to be changed with a new one, while envelope remains unchanged.

Advantages of using innoSleeve with integral insert

Longer in-service lifetime

innoSleeve Integral Insert / Liner is made using the specially developed alloy that allows us to bring nitration layer hardness up to 1.250 Hvickers. This is 25% more than what can be reached when using traditional 1.2243/H11 or 1.2344/H13 made shot sleeves. Such difference in hardness translates into a substantially (up to 55%) longer lifetime than the conventional sleeve.

Shorter production stoppages

Replacing an Integral insert takes considerably less time than replacing the whole sleeve.

Smaller integral inserts can be replaced directly on the die casting machine, while for bigger ones we supply a special tool that makes insert replacement quick and easy.

Lower costs

Using innoSleeve with an Integral insert/liner to protect it you save up to 40% on the cost of sleeves, because the amount of sleeves required to complete a series is reduced substantially. In some specific cases, savings can reach up to 60%. Below is a case of customer savings on Ø140 x Ø340 x L1006 sleeve.


Dimensional range

Inner diameter 70 - 210 mm

Length 200 - 1.600 mm

Mounting options

Based on the type of the sleeve, different mounting options can be used

  • cap

  • clamps

  • seeger ring


Integral inserts can be made of three different material choices, 1.2343 / 1.2344 or by using one of the two specially developed tool steel grades.

Delivery condition

heat treated

hardness between 42 and 50 HRC

machined to final dimension


Configure your innoSleeve insert/liner online

We have developed an online configurator that helps you configure the parameters of HTS Integral insert/liner according to your specific requirements.

iTherm® conformal cooled shot blocks are cooling quicker and more equally across the working surface, shortening biscuit solidification time


Our innovative rod spray lubrication system which lubricates the sleeve across the whole length will prolong the sleeve and plunger lifetime.




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