Plunger Process Optimisation (PPO) Training

Our extensive expertise spans the entire die-casting process, encompassing everything from fundamental principles to the operation and maintenance of components, as well as specialized knowledge in casting processes and technologies.


Our PPO Training was created to offer comprehensive support to enhance the knowledge and skills of our customers in using our plungers effectively.
It covers essential topics such as conformal cooling, die-casting best practices, and troubleshooting common issues.

Who is it for 

The Program is customized to the participants and is tailored to meet the needs of machine operators, process managers, foundry managers, and tool shop managers, so that they can apply the learning to their specific contexts, enhancing plunger-related troubleshooting and problem-solving skills.

Participants will leave the training with practical knowledge that can be directly applied to improve the plunger performance and overall casting process. 

Key components of the training

  • Plunger Functionality: Participants will learn the details of plunger design, how to optimize the in-operation performance, and understand potential issues. Including comparison and application of different plungers, the gap between the mould and sleeve, sleeve and plunger dilatations, ring and spring bush function, and critical areas to focus on for plunger application success. 
  • Application and Optimization: Hands-on guidance on installation, application, and optimization of plungers, focusing on temperature control, water flow, suggestions for optimisation and adjustment, and maintenance.
  • Troubleshooting and Analysis: Solutions for common challenges, such as plunger sticking and machine malfunctions, adjusting machine spraying and plunger positioning to enhance performance, etc.

Training material 

Participants will be provided with both print and digital training materials. These comprehensive resources will include presentations and case studies, which participants can refer to whenever necessary to enhance their understanding and application of the plunger usge. 

Follow-up and continuous improvement

Follow-up sessions can be scheduled to address any emerging questions or further optimizations. We aim to continuously share new findings and improvements in die casting and conformal cooling.


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