Shot sleeve

We manufacture a variety of standard and custom made shot sleeves.

We at HTS have developed a special shot sleeve with a substantially longer lifetime – HTS Shot Sleeve.

It is used with a quickly replaceable integral insert/ liner that extends sleeve lifetime and minimizes production downtime.

HTS Shot Sleeve is compatible with all iTherm® Die-Casting Injection Systems and standard Injection Systems.



Based on MFT™ and DED technologies we produce components with conformal cooling / flow design and mechanical properties of a forged tool steel block.


iTherm® components have a big impact on cooling and material flow, resulting in shorter cycle times, higher cast/moulded part quality and subsequentially also productivity.


Years of experience and R&D of HTS Group companies, combined with leading OEM customer partnerships gives us knowledge and capacity to help you improve your productivity.

HTS Shot Sleeve is used with a replaceable integral insert/liner.

It is a patented solution for sleeve cost optimization developed by our daughter company, Alrotec Technology.

A special liner is used as a lining, inside of the sleeve but it doesn‘t influence the sleeve outer dimensions.

Liner is a single-body HPDC component made of a special in-house developed alloy that extends its life substantially.

HTS Shot Sleeve is compatible with all iTherm® Die-Casting Injection Systems as well as with all other Injection Systems.

Advantages of HTS shot sleeve

Longer sleeve lifetime

In comparison with standard shot sleeve, HTS Shot Sleeve is protected by the integral insert. When the insert is worn, it gets replaced with a new one while the sleeve remains in operation.

Less production downtime

Integral insert in HTS Shot Sleeve is replaced using a special tool we provide, without dismantling the sleeve from the machine, resulting in shorter production stoppages.

Thermal regulation

Our shot sleeves have various options for thermal regulation.

  1. At the bottom of the sleeve with an interconnected system of holes preventing sleeve warpage and minimizing erosion.

  2. Around the shoot end of the sleeve using a specially designed cooling ring providing additional cooling of the biscuit.

Lower tooling cost


Using HTS Shot Sleeve, you will lower the overall cost of sleeves, because the number of sleeves used for the series will be lower. Our customers have reported savings of up to 30% on series that required 4 sleeve changes.


Dimensional range

Inner diameter 50 - 200 mm

Length 200 - 1.400 mm



Depending on operation requirements, shot sleeve can be adjusted for various lubrication options

  • Lub drop

  • Combi lub

  • Tube lube

  • Groove lube


Shot sleeves are made using forged or rolled tool steel blocks produced in EU.

Most often used grade is 1.2343/H11.

Based on specific customer need, other steel grades can be used.

Delivery condition

heat treated

hardness between 42 and 50 HRC

machined to final dimension


Configure your HTS Shot sleeve online

We have developed an online configurator that helps you configure the parameters of HTS Shot sleeve according to your specific requirements.

iTherm® conformal cooled shot blocks are cooling quicker and more equally across the working surface, shortening biscuit solidification time


Our innovative rod spray lubrication system which lubricates the sleeve across whole lenght will prolong sleeve and plunger lifetime.



Product Data Sheet

You can find more detailed information in the downloadable datasheets.



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