iTherm® Water Distribution Plate

iTherm® Water distribution plate is produced from tool steel forged or rolled blocks using HTS proprietary additive manufacturing technology.

It is a single body component with equal mechanical properties as tool steel monoblock.

It has only two connectors for cooling water (IN and OUT) and standard connectors to Gate Inserts.

Connecting channels can be freely designed according to the cooling/heating requirements of the tool, not by the limitations of using the conventional drilling method.

It is highly customizable to specific customer requirements.



Based on MFT™ and DED technologies we produce components with conformal cooling / flow design and mechanical properties of a forged tool steel block.


iTherm® components have a big impact on cooling and material flow, resulting in shorter cycle times, higher cast/moulded part quality and subsequentially also productivity.


Years of experience and R&D of HTS Group companies, combined with leading OEM customer partnerships gives us knowledge and capacity to help you improve your productivity.

Advantages over conventional water distribution plate

More freedom designing connecting channels

In comparison with conventionally made water distribution plate, using iTherm® Water distribution plate, you have extra flexibility to bring cooling channels near that critical zones.

Simpler tool assembly

When connecting single gate inserts to the cooling circuit, you need 2 connectors for each Insert. With iTherm® Water distribution plate, you need 2 connectors for a complete system. This reduces the tool complexity and makes the assembly faster.

No leakages

When connecting Single Gate Inserts to the cooling circuit you need 2 connectors for each Insert. With iTherm®Water distribution plate, you need 2 connectors for a complete system. Such assembly eliminates leakages and leakage related production downtimes.


Cooling power

Cooling power range is between 5.0 and 30.0 W/cm2 of heat extraction.

Dimensional range

Length 150 - 800 mm  (5.91 - 31.5 inch)

Width 150 - 450 mm (5.91 - 17.72 inch)

Thickness 40 - 125 mm (1.57 - 4.92 inch)



iTherm® Water Distribution Plates are made using forged or rolled tool steel blocks produced in EU.

Most often used grades are 1.2083/420, 1.2343/H11, 1.2344/H13.

Based on specific customer needs, other steel grades can be used.

Delivery condition

heat treated

hardness between 42 and 52 HRC

machined to final dimension or blank

Configure your iTherm® Water distribution plate online

We have developed an online configurator that helps you configure the parameters of iTherm® Water distribution plate according to your specific requirements.

iTherm® conformal design HR manifold will help you equalize resonance time between different nozzles.


iTherm® tool Inserts are standard dimension tooling components engineered with an integrated cooling circuit for highest temperature homogeneity and highest cooling effectiveness of the working surface



Product data sheet

You can find more detailed information in the downloadable datasheets.



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