19 Aug 2021

Another milestone in our new visual identity implementation

One of our recent milestones is implementing the new HTS visual identity system in our daughter company, Ravne Steel Center.


The old logo of Ravne steel center (below) and the new logo (above)


The road to a new visual identity

Our group's new visual identity implementation activities are well underway. After starting with HTS IC and iTherm at the beginning of the summer, it is now Ravne Steel Center's time.

This implementation project is a part of HTS Technology Group's journey to becoming visually unified. Once all of our daughter companies will go through this transition, it will be very intuitive for our customers, employees, and onlookers to recognize our brand on all fronts.

Implementation roadmap

The implementation of a new visual identity is being carried out gradually because we want to make the transition seamless and give you enough time to get used to the new visual identity. 

Therefore we will have a two month transition period, starting in August 2021.

During the transition period, we will update our webpage, presentations, visit cards, trade event visualizations, signage, visit cards, official documents, etc.

As far as other daily business-related matters such as company name, VAT number and registry number are concerned, there will be no changes.


More information

Mario Ivankovič
Phone: +386 1 5000 1 38
Mobile: +386 30 602 909
Email: mario.ivankovic@htsgroup.com

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