18 Jun 2021

HTS IC and iTherm® get a new visual identity

Starting with June 2021, HTS IC and iTherm® will adopt a new, unique, clear and more memorable visual identity. Both of the brands are now visually aligned, creating a clear link between HTS Technology Group, HTS IC and iTherm®.


HTS IC, shares the square and circle logo which displays our complete in-house production, from steel to ready to use components, with HTS Technology Group. The Square in the middle represents the raw and simple form of steel, while the circle rounds up complete in-house production processes and outlines the perfect round shape which represents iTherm® components.

HTS IC and iTherm®, therefore, share the round shape in their logos, creating a link between the two. This way it is clearly understood, that iTherm® and HTS IC are HTS Technology Group brands.


Until now, iTherm® brand didn’t have its own distinctive visual identity. Based on its growing adoption by leading global OEMs, die casters and injection moulders, we believe that now is the perfect time to give the iTherm® a fresh visual identity.

iTherm® brand stands for ultimate productivity solutions, based on principles of conformal cooling. iTherm® components are made using different additive manufacturing technologies, among which also MFT™, our proprietary metal fusion technology.

iTherm® is not only a brand but our promise; a promise of superior thermal management characteristics and unrivalled component performance.


Implementation roadmap

The implementation of the new visual identity will be carried out gradually, through stages. We want to make the transition seamless and give you enough time to get used to our new visual identity.  Therefore we will have a 3 month transition period, starting with June 2021

During the transition period, we will update our webpage, presentations, visit cards, trade event visualizations, signage, visit cards, official documents, etc.

As far as other daily business-related matters such as company name, VAT number, registry number are concerned, there will be no changes.

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