26 Aug 2021

SIMOLD 2099 available from stock

If you are looking for tool steel with superior characteristics, then this is the right place to look. Our daughter company Ravne Steel Center stocks the special 1.2099 tool steel. It is the choice for multi-cavity tools, where dimensional stability and machinability are of great importance.

SIMOLD 2099 is a special stainless martensitic-ferritic mould steel, delivered as pre-hardened.
Thanks to the special surface preparation of casted slabs and automatized rolling procedure, rolled
plates have a very smooth surface. SIMOLD 2099 has excellent micro cleanliness on the level of
ESR grades. Due to its excellent homogeneity acquired through a combination of sophisticated
steelmaking process and chemical composition, SIMOLD 2099 has very uniform hardness and
dimensional stability.

For more information regarding SIMOLD 2099, download the data sheet from the link below.